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Wild and Wonderful WV!

I had intended to share a bit about our trip to the Arts on the River show in Morgantown long before now, but the time has eluded me.

I took my Mother and two children to WV with me, partly as a vacation for them and partly because setting up a booth is a lot of work! My daughter was a HUGE help to me and I am so happy they were able to make the trip.

Morgantown is a LOVELY place.

The people are warm and welcoming and the scenery is beautiful.

Clean air, lots of trees, the mountains, the rivers….the HEAT! It was very hot which is to be expected in late June on the East Coast. Hot and humid. But it was a good weekend nonetheless.

The other artists were great too – my booth neighbors were very interesting.

One made wood art – pictures out of layered cut wood, stained different hues – REALLY lovely work.

I wish you could see it in the photo.

I am trying to locate his contact information.

He gave me a card but I have misplaced it.

Then there was the monster booth!

I LOVE their monsters.

They make clay monsters and then also sock monkeys – both are quite fun!

I had the opportunity to meet one of the artists behind RidgeTop Pottery.

I fell in love with the work of this husband and wife team when I saw their work on the show website. Its even better in person.



Truly a thing of beauty.

My son had a great time exploring the venue – the water and this bridge were a favorite spot.

We all went home tired, but rested at the same time – and really happy to have gone.

I am not sure if we’ll make the trip again next year, but it was a great experience and it has me dreaming of a little cabin in the mountains!