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Two New Lines


Transformations annnnnnnnnnnnnnd one not yet named. 😉  First there was Topography, then there came Transformations and now I have another in the works, but its just the very beginning stages.

Yes, sometimes I have an actual process!

So although I am still totally enraptured with the  Topography line –  I am never one to sit still long so I now have a new line in process entitled: Transformations.  You may have seen some of these already posted around.

Similar to the Topography line, I see the Transformations line being a commentary on life. Instead of looking at our journey as paths in relation to topography, the new Transformations line explores the concept of how we are transformed during our life. We grow and mature and change and become.

I have taken leftover bits and pieces of sterling silver and copper that were in the ‘scrap bin’, leftovers from other projects and the little edges that are cut away when making a piece of jewelry and I have transformed them into something new and wearable and completely beautiful! Select pieces will feature a small faceted stone.

Thinking about Transformation, for me personally, led to thinking about God and faith and how we are transformed as we seek God. I have long considered doing a line that is ‘faith based’ and that time has come! I am very excited to begin putting together a series of pieces that are tangible expressions of faith. Some will be literal and some will be conceptual but all will be incredibly meaningful.

My jewelry bench is in the process of being packed for the big move (I am moving in June!! although I am not 100% sure of where…) but as soon as I get settled, I will begin creating for the faith line which is yet to be named. For now I will be sketching ideas.

If you have any suggestions for a name for the faith line I’d love to hear it – or anything else you’d like to share. :)