That is my honest belief.

I believe we are each such beautiful unique individuals. As such, it makes sense to me that we have varied and unique tastes in adornment.

Following that, artists each have a unique design sense. I tend to create jewelry that has been described as BOLD and STRONG –  while still being very wearable and accessible.  I lean towards geometric shapes and love a lot of texture in my designs.


My way, and  my designs, may not be for everyone – and that’s ok.

I’m not making jewelry for everyone.

I’m making it for bold, strong, beautiful unique people.

People like you!

I am a small business, very small – a one woman studio in fact – located in the USA, creating one of a kind or limited edition jewelry.

Unlike big box stores mass producing commercial grade products from questionable sources and materials, I carefully select ethically sourced and conflict free stones. I use  reclaimed metals and green practices in the studio as much as possible.

Every piece of jewelry that comes out of my studio is made by hand, by me.

Metal is cut, forged, formed, hammered, soldered and then painstakingly filed, sanded, polished…….finished.  (you can see a bit of the process here. )Employing age old techniques, as well as modern innovations, I create pieces that exhibit a tactile quality engaging both the wearer and the viewer.

Sterling and Gold Anticlastic Form

Quality,  craftsmanship, customer service – those aren’t  commitments for me, they are CORE VALUES.
I believe you are uniquely and wonderfully made and that your jewelry should be as well.

It’s really as simple as that. 



For those who value craftsmanship, care, quality – over convenience or cost;  Doxallo Studio jewelry is for you.

More information:

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FAQ – coming soon with information regarding materials, custom orders, etc.

Thanks and have a GREAT day!