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Meaningful Work

I’ve always considered my work ‘meaningful’.  Handcrafted has meaning to me, and the pure beauty of crafting and adorning ourselves is meaningful. Recently though I’ve found new meaning when I crafted two pieces of faith jewelry.  At two different points recently there were bible verses that just inspired me to create something tangible for me personally to wear. (I didn’t set out to create a line of faith jewelry)

The first was this bangle based on Hosea 2:14


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I get so many compliments on this bangle !

and the second is this ring based on John 15:5

handcrafted jewelry, doxallo studio jewelry, metalsmith, faith jewelry, handcrafted ring, sterling silver vine ring

I wear this ring daily. I sort of love it. :)

I wanted something subtle, a daily wear piece, with a gentle reference to the verse.

I have a few edits in mind and then will probably make these available for purchase as a made to order item as the response has been so overwhelmingly positive. (YAY!)

I used to wear a simple cross years ago – I’m not sure why I stopped. I may incorporate the cross into my work in the future but right now I’m enjoying playing with a more subtle reference to certain verses as I explore faith jewelry.

I personally love wearing this subtle’s almost like a secret connection with God throughout the day. . . . it seems more intimate to me than wearing a cross.

I’m definitely looking forward to delving into this further so stay tuned and let me know if you have an idea for a piece of faith jewelry based on a verse that is meaningful to you.





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New year, new jewelry!

Happy New Year!  :)

I’ve commented several times over the past few years that I wanted to create a ‘line’ of handcrafted jewelry – a body of work that builds on itself – but I have never MADE myself focus.  Well, the time has finally come. I’ve explored and played and allowed myself FULL creative freedom over the past however-many-years. Paring down to a certain set of parameters can be tough for a creative mind, but it forces a whole different aspect of creativity and I’m ready. :)

To do this I have gone back over much of my previous work and I’ve selected some of my personal favorites. I have also taken a look at a couple of jewelry artists that I really admire and tried to pinpoint what elements of their work I’m drawn to (no surprise there is a similarity to their work so it was pretty easy to see what draws me in)

I created my first piece last night which is based on a piece I did a few years ago.  The new piece is MUCH smaller – a bit of a test. The former piece is in the lower right.

handcrafted jewelry




I’m really happy with the result and look forward to playing with this design and these techniques.





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How’d you make that Part II

Jewelry making – Behind the scenes

I posted an intro to HYMT here. And WOW was that a long time ago!

Today I am back with a follow up.

I took a quick bench shot (we ‘smiths call our tabletop/work surfaces ‘benches’)

Handcrafted Sterling Silver Pendant
Pendant on Chain, Doxallo Studio













I didn’t grab any in between shots but you can see I went for a simple connector, the two silver rings which allows the pendant to have some movement between top and bottom.  The stones are all set and a simply drilled hole and another ring creates the ‘bail’ to accept a chain. I did a little more finishing, polished, and then added a patina to darken the recesses/background which allows the raised areas to ‘pop’ visually.

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