Petrified Palmwood and Onyx Necklace


Petrified palmwood is one of my favorite stones.

It is the state stone of Texas and the state fossil of Louisiana. The stone is the petrified remains of trees that were buried by sediment long long ago.

Over time the wood is replaced with minerals from the water in the soil turning the wood to stone.

The stone can be found in various colors due to variations in the mineral silica which forms a large portion of the stone.

I tend to favor the stones that have a portion of black which contrasts with the lighter areas of the stone.

I have paired with piece of palmwood with a round onyx.

The two stones are set into a hand fabricated setting and the pendant is suspended from a 16″ omega chain.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or if you’d like to discuss a custom pendant/necklace.