July 2016
Apparently I’m really bad at maintaining a website. :( Part of that is because I haven’t been as intent on working in my studio over the past two years. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been creating at all though. Here are some things I’ve made over the past 6 months or so.

The first two I recently blogged about
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handcrafted jewelry



July 2012


April 2012 – New Earrings Design

I love kinetic jewelry ! I have been dreaming this design in my head for a while and finally sat down to figure it out.

These earrings all have a ‘base’ of heavy sterling in a circle or oval shape. To that, added on an invisible hinge, is a textured metal strip of various lengths and forms. Tiny beads are added to certain pairs. These will be available by  May 1st – maybe sooner. :)

Photos coming soon!


March 2012 – New Rings:



I am really excited to share a new line of jewelry!

Aptly titled: Transformations

Transform – to change the outward form or appearance of.

A small container filled to the brim with bits of metal, twisted and dull, covered with dust and beginning to tarnish.

That is the reality of a jewelers bench.

Every piece of jewelry made results in some waste.

Small snips and scraps leftover as we edit and trim and refine raw materials into a new piece of jewelry.

The bits are jagged and sharp. They twist and turn. They form a completely ugly mass in a small plastic container.

But they can be transformed.

Into something beautiful, yet reminiscent of their past. A reminder of the transformations that go on every day all around us, and no doubt, within us. As we grow and lose some of those jagged edges we may have once had – we are transformed.

Some pieces in the transformation series are 100% from the scrap bucket, ring bands included.Many of the bands are asymmetrical because of this; or they may have unusual shapes.

I CELEBRATE this as I celebrate the differences in each of us.

Other pieces may have a custom baseplate with everything else coming from the scrap bucket and a few will include a stone which is new.

The pieces are heavily textured and with a somewhat weathered appearance. They are bold and  strong and will wear well over time to be handed down to the next generation.

Recycled. Reused. Refined.


Wear it and celebrate life’s journey!

Select pieces are now available in my Etsy store and more will be listed here in the coming days.

If you would like a custom Transformations piece, please use the contact form above to let me know!


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