Jewelry Making Tutorials

I began putting together some jewelry making tutorials a couple of years ago in an effort to provide affordable lessons for metalsmithing techniques that would enable people to learn a new technique relatively easily, be able to ask questions, and do it all on their own time.

The following jewelry making tutorials are all step by step with detailed photographs showing not only what the piece looks like along the way, but the tool position during the process as well. I am available through email to answer any questions about the jewelry making technique, tools, or materials that I use in the process of these tutorials.

HOW DOES IT WORK? As of this time, tutorials are available for purchase through the Jewelry Artists Network Website. Once payment is made, tutorials are available for download  IMMEDIATELY! Download links will be active for 48 hours once payment is made (or cleared in the event of e-check through paypal). You should also receive a confirmation email containing the same download links. (again, links are active for 48 hours) My contributions to the site are:

Jewelry Making Tutorial


 The Jewelry Artists Network website hosts many jewelry tutorials from other artists as well. There are more Metalsmithing tutorials, and Wire Jewelry Tutorials, and various other jewelry making tutorials.

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